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PCIe Lane Width should be 16 not 4 ... right?


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Hey uh..


My 8400GS is installed successfully on 10.5.4, lovely lovely.


But when I go to check out the Graphics information in system profiler, it tells me the PCIe Lane Width is 4x.


Now, I'm pretty sure the card is inserted correctly, and Windows (specifically Lavalys Everest) tells me that the actual bus lane width is x16. Which I guess it is. In fact, it IS.


So why oh why would my dear System Profiler tell me this?


Does anyone know if the 8400GS is electrically set to be at 4x? That doesn't sound right, that's means for a lot of non-connected pins on the card. Or maybe it is indeed the card not inserted correctly? Or the drivers? (I've used Natit and an EFI String to the same result, although I guess as Natit is just an injector, it wouldn't make a helluva difference) Or other drivers even? SMBIOS? Iunno.


Thanks in advance if anyone is able to help me out to determine the reason. If it is resolvable, then maybe we can go there. Or if it is just Mac OS X being Mac OS X, then oh well.


By the way, my board is a GA-945GZM-S2 r3.0 from Gigabyte.

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