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  1. zapzupnz

    acer aspire 5315 fan work not

    O hai. So I installed the BIOS update, I'm now at 1.45... But the fan only comes on at about 65 C (well, that's the temperature according to GenericCPUPMControl.app ... could of course be lower) And then once the temp is down to what's reported as 63 C, the fan stops. And since the fan stops, the heat quickly returns to 65 C. And the fans turn on again, etc. So, has anyone found a fix to this further annoyance?
  2. zapzupnz

    Acer Aspire 5315

    Well, I installed bios 1.45 and the fan comes on now. But it only does it when the CPU temperature hits 66 C (as detected by GenericCPUPMControl.app ... bit of a kick in the butt, because the fan knocks it back down to 65 C ... which heats up to 66 C in a few seconds ... and then goes down to 65 C as soon as the fan comes on... Has anyone managed to change the thresholds?
  3. zapzupnz

    It hurts my eyes

    System Preferences > Display > Color > Calibrate ... BUT! Set Expert Mode. Then you have no excuse for ugly colours, because it lets you define them. :-) Expert Mode, remember it. And if you still have problems, you're not doin' it right.
  4. zapzupnz

    Why do torrent download faster in Windows?

    We're all sitting here talking about what client and OS is better and what have you. Has nobody concluded that it could just depend on the state of the sharing? Number of peers, and whether or not they're sharing? Whether or not concurrently running torrents are connecting to the same peers? There's hundreds of network factors that affect the transfer, maybe the trackers even. O_o Is it not possible? Also, I agree with the above. Check your port forwarding settings.
  5. That'd be appreciated. It seems to only occur when I'm using QuickTime ... now, I'm NOT going to give up using first party Apple software, because that somewhat defeats the point, don't you think? =]
  6. I don't really want to sleep the display every time this happens, because it's unacceptable that the performance of the dedicated nVidia card should be worse than the integrated Intel graphics. I wonder if I would get any love out of it if I moved up to 10.5.5?
  7. I'm gonna bump this topic because I am in the same boat. After a while using my rig, the animations slow down, Dashboard effects look taxed, exposé just about kills all method of user entry before all the windows arrange themselves, and moving windows around the screen while watching QuickTime looks WORSE than on the integrated GMA 950 on my board... So, does anyone know? And no, I don't want to talk about OpenGL benchmark programmes as mentioned above. Scores are normal, but ... well, you explain why spring loaded Finder windows should look as though they're crawling?
  8. Change the port? What does that mean? Put the card in another 16x port? But it only has one such one. I really don't want to buy another board just yet ... :S
  9. Hello all, My GA-945GZM-S2 r3.0 has a PCIe 16x slot, but it's set to the speed of a 4x. Is there such a way that I can up it? Some custom BIOS? Firmware or some thing? Etc. Thanks in advance, Jaysn
  10. zapzupnz

    PCIe Lane Width should be 16 not 4 ... right?

    *bump* Someone must know this ...
  11. Hey uh.. My 8400GS is installed successfully on 10.5.4, lovely lovely. But when I go to check out the Graphics information in system profiler, it tells me the PCIe Lane Width is 4x. Now, I'm pretty sure the card is inserted correctly, and Windows (specifically Lavalys Everest) tells me that the actual bus lane width is x16. Which I guess it is. In fact, it IS. So why oh why would my dear System Profiler tell me this? Does anyone know if the 8400GS is electrically set to be at 4x? That doesn't sound right, that's means for a lot of non-connected pins on the card. Or maybe it is indeed the card not inserted correctly? Or the drivers? (I've used Natit and an EFI String to the same result, although I guess as Natit is just an injector, it wouldn't make a helluva difference) Or other drivers even? SMBIOS? Iunno. Thanks in advance if anyone is able to help me out to determine the reason. If it is resolvable, then maybe we can go there. Or if it is just Mac OS X being Mac OS X, then oh well. By the way, my board is a GA-945GZM-S2 r3.0 from Gigabyte.
  12. zapzupnz

    How to tweak PCIe 1x to 4x

    That would not work. PCIe lane widths are "defined" by their length (well, actually the amount of pins, but blah blah blah). So trying to fit something into a slot a quarter of the size is a bit mad. I hope you haven't already tried it.
  13. Hey dude, you've got a GA-P35-DS3 as well I see :) I want to run Tiger, but I'm currently using Leopard... however, nothing wrong with Tiger, so can you tell me about your experience with it? Which distro did you use? Is it up to date? Thanks :D

  14. zapzupnz

    I Want My Translucent Menus Back!

    Meh, people are boring. We all buy awesome Core 2 systems with a buttload of RAM, the latest graphics cards that need their own heatsinks, fans, and chassis (exagerration) and ... we don't want to waste resources on things that do NOT hinder ledgibility unless you are undergoing laser eye surgery and using your Hackintel/iMac at the same time... yeah, Mac users suck, in their own way