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Hi there, i posted this in another forum but i believe it was not the correct one.....


I am looking to purchase this Net/Notebook and it seems to have all the same specs as the EeePC's with the exception of the Nvidia 9300M GS.



Chipset: Intel 945GSE Express chipset

Audio: Integrated Azalia compliant audio chip, with 3D effect & full duplex

Network/BT: WLAN: 802.11 B/G/N, LAN: 10/100/1000 Base T, Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR

Video: Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 950 + NVIDIA 9300M GS 256MB (On/Off Switchable Hybrid Graphics)


For the most part i have found most of the hardware on these forums but i have no idea what kind of wireless card it actually comes with, or if it is even removable like the rest in case the drivers are not available for them like others.


This is a perfect setup for me as i am always on the road, and on occasion i like to play games like the Sims, AoE, and now Spore!


Please let me know if anyone has some kind of information on this......


Thanks in advance....


Edit: found a screen shot of all its specs....


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haha yea i know, looking at the specs it has the size of a 12" notebook, but its def a hybrid. The atom cpu + nvidia GPU.... i mean it looks like it works alright with some games but i am more interested on a portable pc that will allow me to play spore here and there when i am away from home. I also use photoshop and a couple of other programs at the same time so every bit more power i can have the better! haha.


Hopefully i am not disappointed!, the only other problem i foresee is that i cant find anywhere if the WLAN card is removable or not :D if it isnt i will be very disappointed but wont be the end of the world.


Hopefully someone with this bad boi can check in and give a little more insight :)

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I just bought an A10J and am waiting for it to ship. Check out this site.




He is doing the same thing and has the firmware mod. Looks like it is possible to do with out have to buy into Steve Job's hardware dictatorship. I'll be trying it I'm sure, and will post the results although I think it may be a bit since I want to see how optimized I can get Vista before going for OS X (do have a MacBook Pro so screwing (or getting screwed) with Vista seems more fun now LOL)

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you can't install osx on it without doing these steps:


1. change the hdd access in bios.

2. turn nvidia switch off and use the intel 950 built in gfx card.

3. try using voodoo kernel.

4. check with kebyl if further patching is needed for the bios. (be warned this could turn ugly with asus)


let me know, i have one of these and didn't think about installing leopard on it till today.




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