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  1. I really want to Hackintosh my Compaq CQ56. I figured my best bets were using iAtkos S3 V2 or iAtkos V7. I've tried using iAtkos S3 V2 so far but can't seem to get the settings right so it won't boot after. I'll post my laptop specs below, can someone please tell me what settings would be best to use to my install working? I'd really appreciate it. This is my laptop: Compaq CQ56 AMD V160 processor at 2.4GHz 3GB ram 320GB hd ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 Realtek RTL8191SE 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN Drive What should I select when installing to get that to work?
  2. Blackosx, I'm here to say thank you and report success with using your guide. I decided to just buy a 9500GT to replace my HD2600XT and after that the boot disk worked no problem! So what I've got going on right now is this: Main HD is a 500GB Seagate with the Cham, SnowLeopard and Backup partitions. My second HD is a 320GB hitachi with an iPC 10.5.6 based Leopard partition and a windows 7 and empty partition named Files. This in my opinion is the ideal setup, and I've got all my bases covered unlike last time. To do it I had to use a combo of your Snow Leopard guide and your Dual boot guide. For a few days it was running like a top with both running 10.6.2. Here's where things get a little weird, I've done everything the same with my Snow Leopard and Backup partitions, both are running 10.6.2, with all the latest stuff you've posted about at the top of your OP, new SleepEnabler, fixed LegacyHDA, the whole nine. What's weird is now for some strange reason the internet only works on the Backup and Leopard partitions, my main SnowLeopard partition has a green Light for Ethernet, Network Settings, and ISP, but Internet and Server are RED. I now keep backups of every kext so I went back to the old LegacyHDA and no change, ethernet works fine in my Backup volume and not in my SnowLeopard one. There is no difference between the two volumes, both live off the same Cham partition so both have the exact same kexts. I'm really perplexed I have no idea what's going on. Hopefully you've got some suggestions as so what could be doing this.
  3. Hey blacosx, I'm trying to follow your install guide and for some reason after I do the disk swap step instead of getting the Perfecto logo with the timer I get the regular apple logo with the timer and the timer just goes on and on forever. Any suggestions? I unfortunately don't have another install to try from or anything so I'm currently downloading iPC so I can have a Leopard install to work from so I can more closely follow the guide, but some people have had success without a previous install so I was hoping this would work. My hardware: EP45-DS3L (bios f10) 4GB ram 500gb (that I want to install snow leopard to), 320gb hard drives installed shappire ati radeon HD 2600 xt 512mb I had lensboard's old 10.5.5 installed but I stupidly wiped everything because I installed the new drive and wanted as fresh an install as possible. Silly me, now I don't know what's wrong and why I can't install.
  4. Hey blackosx I'm going to use your guide to update from Leopard to Snow Leopard in about a week and I just wanted to make a quick suggestion. At the top where you post your news it would be great if you could also date the news when you post it up as I read your first post about once a week and I'm unsure if the update is something I've already read or not. But other than that keep up the good work and I look forward to using your guide!
  5. blackosx, will you now do a guide for Snow Leopard as well? I originally used lensboard's guide, and I was gonna do a reinstall with your yours, but now I just think I'll wait for a Snow Leopard guide. If you did one that would be awesome!