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can someone help me install japanese?


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hello all.


i've gotten 10.5 up and running on my msi wind. but the japanese language fonts don't work at all. i've read on other forums/threads that i need to copy and paste the dictionaries from a clean copy of os x and then type in some commands in terminal.


i have no idea/experience using terminal.


can anyone please help me with this? i've copied the previous thread's instructions below:



You need to copy them from a clean installation of MacOS X.


The folder is:




After this, go to terminal, change into the directory fix the permissions with:


sudo chown -R root:wheel *



what is meant by 'change into the directory'?

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Terminal commands to do your above :


1. Open terminal application in the utilities folder under application.

2. type :

sudo -s

3. type : your password (the root password of your mac)

4. change directory by type

cd /system/library/extensions/

5 type

sudo chown -R root:wheel *

6. type

sudo chmod -R 755 *


then restart computer.


goog luck

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thanks for the response.


unfortunately, it did not work!


nothing changed. after restarting i opened text editor but still had the same problem. i switch to hiragana from the top menu but when i try to type the computer just becomes very slow and only english alphabet shows up.


any idea what i'm doing wrong? is there a special method i have to use to exit terminal?

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Sorry, the directory change should be (as you have changed the Frameworks not the extensions folder)


cd /system/library/Frameworks

instead of

cd /system/library/extensions



you can check if the terminal commands done are successful or not by right click the icons in


and select "get info"

under the "sharing & permissions

should show



Name Priviege

system Read & write

wheel Read only

everyone Read only

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thanks again for the response.


but still no luck :(


i tried the revised method but got the same result. i even checked the permissions as you described, which seem to be all correct.


so now i have no idea what i've done wrong.


please let me know if you have any other thoughts. thanks.

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hello again.


i checked and ensured that yes, i do have proper japanese fonts installed.


i also checked the pdf that you lined to. i may have found a problem.


i don't have any option for 'japanese kana palette'. i have all the other options i need (kotoeri, hiragana, katakana etc..).


would this be the problem? if so, not sure how to find/install the option for 'japanese kana palette'.



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