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Having problems with graphics Card


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OK, so i installed leo4allv4.1 on my Dell inspiron 531, well after that i was having some internet problems, i managed to fix that this morning(YAY) and now the only thing left that is concerning me is my screen resolution which is at 1024 x 720(YUCK!) and its killing me right now, can anyone help me out? my graphics card is a 128MB NVIDIA Geforce 7300LE TurboCache, or NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE ( i really dont know) all i do know is that it is for sure an Nvidia, but im pretty sure its one of those two


Help Please!

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try to use system profiler to find what graphics card you have

ok if you have a Geforce Go 6150 like i do i use macvidia 1.0.81 and i use this page page the bottom post and i'll attach the macvidia pkg and a screen shot of my system profiler


GeForce Go 6100 / 6150 - Managed to get it working at 1280x800 [credit goes to andy.karpov]


(Delete/Move Geforce*.kext, NV*.kext.

Install MacVidia 1.0.81; don't restart; open terminal;

type 'sudo mkdir/NVBackup'

type 'sudo mv /System/Library/Extensions/NV*.bundle /NVBackup'

then type 'sudo mv /System/Library/Extensions/NV*.plugin /NVBackup'

restart - open display properties and get 1280x800



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