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Apple to release networked HDTVs


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According the normally reliable source 'cnet' Apple will be releasing it's own line of HDTV's. This could be a very good alternative to the not so good selling AppleTV, since it will have Wifi onboard.

These LCD HDTVs will be fully networked, with the ability to stream all your iTunes content from your Mac or PC. In fact, Calacanis told me they'll function like a standard TV with an Apple TV box, only without the need for the box.


In many ways, this isn't surprising news, as Apple already produces a stunning 30-inch display for the Mac. So picture that -- only thinner -- in a bedroom, streaming iTunes movie rentals over 802.11n, controlled with the Remote app on an iPod touch or iPhone.

Read the full article here: Apple's HDTV rumour


I would be very interested in such a device, top-notch specs and desgin by Apple.....jummie :)

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