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USB Detection Problem [Help]


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Hello , i have a Problem with my USB Devices on "ineb 1.3" (AMD) Kernel 9.4


When I in The Mac System is Found all USB Devices that are Plugged in on Booting, (USB Storage, Keyboard, mouse etc.)


But when i Plugged Off any USB device an agains Plug in, is dont found the Device Example : USB Stick(Storage) its on the Desktop, plugged off, its gone. Plugged in : Nothing do...


When the System go in Standby and I reactive from Standby is my all USB devices not usable.


System Profiler Writes :" USB OHCI" , USB Leagacy Support is Turned on in Bios (Turned off doing nothings)


When I booting with "-v" I become Some USB Errors :


 could not get chip halt within 100 ms
Error occured (0xe00002c9)
AppleUSBEHCI : Unable to initialize UIM
CheckSleepCapability - OHCI controller will be unloaded across


I have nForce 430 Chipset.


What can i Do to Fix that Problem?


Can any one Help me please?

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had to dust off this link but in the old days we got some help from apple



just install and read the read me file



this link if the above link does not help you with usb trouble:


try all at your own risk

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