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Fresh Install: Kernel Panic - Type=14


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Hey Insanelymacs! :(

Everytime I try to boot OSX it says something like:



Backtrace (CPU1) Frame: Return Adress (4 potetial args on stuck)


#some random numbers#


Backtrace terminated - invalid frame pointer 0

Kernel loadable modules in Backtrace...

BSD process name corresponding to current thread: kernel...

MacOS version: not set yet (with -legacy 9F33)

Module name: EG31M-S2


I'm running OSX on a DualCore 7200 with a Gigabyte EG31M-S2 mainboard and a Asus 8800GT Magic. I use the Ideneb installer with Vanilla.


Thanks in advance.



Edit: I also tried -x, -f, -legacy and CPUS=1





Got it!

I obviously selected a wrong driver. :P

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