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NVIDIA 7600GT Dual Output to monitor/tv


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Alright I don't think my specs has nothing to do with this.


If you are in this part of the forum you would know it is refering to Leopard 10.5


My Video card is an NVIDIA 7600 GT or NVIDIA series 7


If my tv shows my whole startup process (even when mac is loading) but just when MAC iniciates it stops then it must be software related.



Any softwares or any processes that I would be able to dual output.


Is there anything I could do in system preferences or any driver that I should download?



If you need to know somehting in specific then tell me because I could give you a s-load of information that won't be of help

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Soooooooo, first let's get a little bit friendly here, my comment was intended as a "joke" and even as a clue to help you get a response. OK?!


Here are some facts:

Your " sh*t-load of specs" are indeed VERY important, in fact it is the only thing that is important when you are trying to get support for non-apple hardware.


Getting TV (S-vhs) to work is a topic all on its own, try googling NVCAP and insanelymac. But no graphic card will give you dual display PLUS TV-out... not even in Windows.


Dual-Display on DVI/VGA is much easier and should work for you, if you just want a second display on a 2nd screen.

Here's something you might try:

  • add an adpater (DVI to VGA and try the VGA input of your second screen)
  • use EFI and GFX-strings, this is easiest for you if you download EFIstudio. Works only if you are using an efi-bootloader.

good luck,


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