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Blue screen when monitor inputs changed

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10.5.5 Vanilla kernel with NVDarwin 1.1 installed for an 8600GT 256. I have a Benq G2400W connected to my hackintosh via DVI and to my Vista box via HDMI. Mouse and keyboard via KVM switch. Everythings working great with the only problem being:


When I use the monitor to change inputs (e.g. from DVI to HDMI and then back to DVI) the hackintosh shows a pale blue screen. I've had to resort to the mouse corner sleep display fix to overcome this.


Is there a proper fix for this so that the screen doesnt get stuck at blue? Or is this a known problem? Just wondering if there's a kext I'm missing or something I need to change in the gfx drivers to prevent this from happening.



I also have the same problems. And it is exhausted the possibilities. I tried everything: EFI-Studio/String, NVinject, NVinstaller, NVkushInstaller, XDarwin, ... ... That last (XDarwin) that it was great results, as well as EFI inject.


As for NVCAP, I can not believe that this is really the problem. Right after I have installed Windows only to extract the ROM (NVFlash), the problem still persists!

I have a blue screen when i change display resolution. When I try "OpenGL Extensions Viewer" application and set another resolution\frequency for test (for example 1280*1024 60hz and not in fullscreen mode) - it's works (see the size of window, original resolution was 1024*786 75 hz). But when i select "fullscreen mode" for test.....i have a black screen (like i have when starts games like zuma and others, where resolution also changes for play). reset....


what the problem?


Exactly! The boot option "-f" recreate the system Mac extensions cache. What are those files that the hackers guide us to exclude (/System/Library/Extensions.mkext and /System/Library/Extensions/Caches/com.apple.kext.info) to reflect changes in the injectors / EFI-String.

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