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  1. I updated installed system (10.6.0) to 10.6.4 by comboupdate and certainly lost sound Tried to patch appleHDA (like wrote in 1st post) but no success. Temporary get sound by replace the appleHDA by 10.6.2 version. One "bug": all internal SATA-drives (except system drive) displayed like "disconnectable portable hdd's" with "eject" symbol (displayed on picturies below). Any idea how to correct this? Thx for this excellent instruction!!!
  2. Can you share here your DSDT with fixed ICH10 to work all SATA-drives? Thx!
  3. Silicon Image release Universal SATA drivers

    Who can tell me about RAID on sil3132 (2ports)? I need RAID 1 or 0 funcionality. Does sil3132 work in RAID-mode (1 or 0) for 2 hdd, or it works only like SATA-controller and give two hard drives independent each of other? And what about SIL3114 (4 ports)? Did it works in os-x like RAID 0/1?
  4. 9800 GTX working in OSX86

    What is the model of your 9800GTX? I have asus 9800GTX+ (512 mb) and have results that not differ from my preious card (palit 8800GT 512mb). I don`t understand why results from 9800 and 8800 are identifical What do you think about?
  5. Blue screen when monitor inputs changed

    I Fix the problem! my monitor cable was connected to second DVI port, now i reconnected to first DVI (nearler to motherboard, or left when i saw from top onto videoacard) and resolution changed normally! all works!!!
  6. Blue screen when monitor inputs changed

    I have a blue screen when i change display resolution. When I try "OpenGL Extensions Viewer" application and set another resolution\frequency for test (for example 1280*1024 60hz and not in fullscreen mode) - it's works (see the size of window, original resolution was 1024*786 75 hz). But when i select "fullscreen mode" for test.....i have a black screen (like i have when starts games like zuma and others, where resolution also changes for play). reset.... what the problem?
  7. terratec dmx 6fire 24/96

    I have this sound card. Who knows about drivers? Azalia are suitable with this soundcard?