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How does SwitchResX work?

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Hello to all.

I was wondering if anyone knows the approach that is applied on SwitchResX to alter the resolution, and also add custom resolutions.

Obviously SwitchResX doesn't use the "Graphics Mode" = "..." approach (and it definitely doesn't work for my 1440x900 resolution).


So i wanted someone to point me to the right direction in order to study how it is done.

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Apologies to response to ancient post but I'm also looking for the answer.


Switchresx's own documentation makes reference to files it alters in /System/Library/Displays/Override, even going so far as to suggest that you can sort the files there by date to determine which file was altered.


But having installed Switchresx and created a custom resolution (that works!), none of the files there have a modified date of today.


If anyone can shed light I'm sure many people would be very grateful. I'd rather not rely on preference pane add-ons for what is probably a superbly simple fix.


Incidentally, I hear that you can use Switchresx to define a custom resolution and then uninstall it, leaving the new profile behind. But I haven't tried.


Hope this helps someone.

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