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graphics question about the 8000 series


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Well a long while ago I installed the iaktos 10.5.2 R3 (nforce) edition on an external hdd for my pc to boot into and it works wonders, but at the time there was problems getting graphics to work (well for my card anyway which is a 8600 GT 512mb edition). However eventualy after a couple of hours of trying out ways I finaly had got my 8600 gt to work and I had full graphics support.


Now im thinking about going 10.5.4 and using idebn's edition to do this. My question is ... does that Nkush kext allow my 8600 GT to work? or must I have to kinda do what I had to do last time to get it to work.. (in which case im screwed because I cant remember a think and im sure it was out of luck in the end)

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