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Having trouble cloning OSX

Jinto Lin

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I've made a DMG of my current OS X install, and would like to install that on another partition so that I can test upgrades and stuff. But when I erase the 25GB partition and format HFS+, it does not mount and calls it a linux partition, even though when I'm in PartedMagic it sees it as HFS+. I've even created the HFS+ in Parted Magic, but it still does not recognize it or mount it.


I think it might have something to do with whatever enables me to read NTFS, whatever was included with Kalyway. Just a guess. I installed NTFS-3g and MacFuse but that did not seem to help. It also seems like I'm only 'allowed' one HFS+ partition by OS X, but that does not make any sense.


Any help is appriciated! Thank you!


(Computer specs in sig, but if you need more I can tell you. The only 'modification' is the faster memory, otherwise it is a stock DV6885SE laptop)

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