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DV6253CL (DV 6000 series) + iDeneb 10.5.5

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Hi everyone,


First i'm brazilian, so forgive any english mistakes. ;)


So... I have an HP Pavilion DV6153CL, of DV6000 series.


Processor AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-52, BIOS F3D, MCP51


I've tried to install Kalyway 10.5.2 but insussesfull...


So i moved to iDeneb 10.5.5, the latest release, i can install normally but after install doesn't boot any way in hell!


The messages "AppleNForceATA: sata phy reset failed" and "AppleNForceATA found 0 units" are showing, and i think that is the error.


Searching on the net i've moved that kext to IOAtaFamily/plugin etc and nothing.


I've tried to install all mobo "drivers", and nothing.


I saw 2 or 3 step-guide, and nothing.


About 10 new instalations, with 10 combinations and nothing.


Anyone knows how I solve this problem?


Many thanks!


Especifications of HP site:



PS: i bought this notebook in Brazil, but it's imported... I think from US, or UK maybe.

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Antonio, blz cara?


Então, eu tento instalar mac no meu dv6220br deiz de quando comprei, e nunca obtive sucesso.

Tentei Leo4All v1, v2, v3, v4 tentei Kalyway 5.1 e 5.2 tentei ideneb 1.1 1.2 e agora to na 1.3 tentando


a 1.2 rodo, mais foi entrar no pc pra reinicia e nunca mais dar boot :// tem um topico no forum de uns caras falando como instala em dv6000 qualquer versao


procura no google que tu cai aqui


install ideneb dv6000 amd


boa sorte, e qualquer coisa manda MP, ou email mulletsp@gmail.com




boa sorte ;)

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