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Purchase advice plz

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I am very tempted to buy a G5 MacPro

I have actually 2 choices : a 1.6 and a 1.8 single proc PCI version not PCI-X.The 1.6 is slightly cheaper

they both have 1Gb of RAM

they both have only 4 memory slots

they both run Leopard


Now the question is: would the 1.8 be faster than the 1.6 although the bus speed is only 600Mhz vs 800 on the 1.6

On the other hand the memory on the 1.8 is clocked at 400Mhz vs 333 on the 1.6



Since i don't know much about Mac hardware any advice would be appreciated

Obviously i want the the faster one :) but the specs confused me


I will be using this machine mostly for basic tasks : Internet browsing, listening music, some Photoshopping and i might dare some video editing once in a while :)


Thank You

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I would avoid both unless they are around $100 bucks and you are going to use them for the case to drop your hackmac in it. The Single processor machines max out at 4GB of RAM (although come to think of it I think the single 1.8 has 8 slots so 8GB max). Regardless it is older architecture that will not support the next OS (10.6 snow leopard). Save up and wait for a better deal to come along.

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