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XP + Tiger + Leopard

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if you got two HDisks there should be absolutely no prob with one for leo one for tiger boot.

but to my expereiance tiger also boots with chameleon in mbr.

had leo and tiger booting of different partitions on my hd, with chameleon in mbr.

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with 2 disks i had it like that:


install all the 3 systems to the 3 different disks (while the other 2 disks are disconnected).

now put the disks all in, get hirens boot cd and install bootmanager smart bootmanager (sbminst) to first disk.


its the best bootmanager i know!


if your pc is booting all systems when only 1 disk is in this should work!


i think i had windows and sbm on the first disk.


good luck!

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