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  1. This helped! http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1224663
  2. Hi, I'm trying to run FCS3 on fresh 10.5.8 install, everything working, including Adobe CS4, DVD Studio Pro etc... FCS3 crashes on startup, just after it asks for external AV device... I used to have a same problem on Tiger with FCS2, back then deleting qmaster from preferences panel helped. Ideas, what it could be ? Fresh Hackintosh install 10.5.8., runing original kernel, graphics card working 100% but it's nvidia GTX260 (could that be a problem?).... Q6600, 4GB RAM, plenty of sata HDD space... Thanks for any idea...
  3. Network analyzer, firewall

    Hi, I do have little snitch ofcourse, but is there a way you can see active connections and bandwidth used by them ? I don't think so...
  4. Hi guys, need help. Need some ulitity that can show me actuall IP connections and active communications. Something like firewall... Problem is that osx is downloading something (I can see from menu metters) and I have no idea what's happening. So I'm curious, cause I don't like communications without my approval. Any ideas ?
  5. Opening CD Drive

    press F12 and hold it, it will open... that's normal...If that's all, then you don't have any problems
  6. Guys, anyone having problem with fans spining at max speed all the time after wakeup from sleep mode ? Any solution for this ? Talking about Leopard 10.5.5 iAtkos Thanks!
  7. Making a Little GUI for Boot 132

    Hi all... Can I make triple boot and put loader on a flash disk: 1. HDD XP 2. HDD Tiger (MBR) 3. HDD Leopard (GUID) ? Every OS has it's own physical HDD with a single partition on it. I can dual boot XP & Tiger thru chain0 and XP boot.ini without problems but cannot add Leopard to it... boot0, gpt doesn't work. Thanks!
  8. What things are in customizations

    good post... I could use some more infos too
  9. Hi, anyone with the same problem or even better with solution ? Fan on graphics card spins at max speed after computer wakeup from sleep. Recently succsesfully installed iAtkos 10.5.5 on my machine and managed to get working everything even so desired sleep! But, damn gfx card fan goes crazy after I wake up computer from sleep (otherwise, after power on and classic boot to the system works just fine, looks like it's controlled by the OS or Bios)
  10. COD 4 displays upside down

    Mirrored upsidedown here too... incredibe tiger
  11. Noone with same problem or solution ?
  12. How about you first try to install it and see if it works or not for you ? It should work, it works here...
  13. I recently installed 10.5.5. iDeneb distro, everything works even sleep. It wakes up with everything working except onscreen text (fonts) are distorted, almost unreadable! USB works, monitor works... I tried refreshing screen by changing resolution and color depth but it didn't help. Now the question where should I look for problem ? thx for ideas
  14. iDeneb 1.3 10.5.5 install questions

    I used 9.4.0 XNU kernel.. everything works except distorted fonts/text after wake up damn it....
  15. XP + Tiger + Leopard

    I guess I will try smart bootmanager... if should install on xp HDD... the one that boots as first one in bios right now.