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Success! After Months Of trying...


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i finally installed leopard..like

most of you have tried different flavors but the one that finally worked for me was IDeneb 10.5.5


i had to try a couple times to get it just right and changing one thing made it work flawless now if i can just find the kext to my video card to get high rez that would be great


IDeneb 10.5.5

Amd Phenom 9600 quadcore 2.3ghz

4gbs of ram

Asus M3A2-MVP Deluxe

Ati 4850 512MB


it sees everything..i kept getting kernal panics at first and then the look for root device


theres one option that i checked that fixed it all..


-AMD Patch

-VIA-SB - Thats what fixed it all

-Kernal 9.4.0 stageXNU


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