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Leopard Server restore from Time machine?!?!?!


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I have borked my load of Server due to a stupid mistake on my part ( copied all of the 10.5.4 extensions over the 10.5.5 extensions ). Anyways, I have gone and restored from a time machine backup. The machine boots, however there are a lot of errors that I am running into. I know that there are a fair amount of exclusions that Time Machine will not back up. I have re-created the directories that Apache logs run in, however there are still other errors. I have re-created most of the directories, but there are still errors that are preventing the Wiki and Web Services from coming back.


Is it a known issue? and you cannot restore Leo Server from time machine, at least the boot partition? or is there just some wizzy wig things that i need to do in order to get it all functional again?


Thank you again, Chuck

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