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  1. I have borked my load of Server due to a stupid mistake on my part ( copied all of the 10.5.4 extensions over the 10.5.5 extensions ). Anyways, I have gone and restored from a time machine backup. The machine boots, however there are a lot of errors that I am running into. I know that there are a fair amount of exclusions that Time Machine will not back up. I have re-created the directories that Apache logs run in, however there are still other errors. I have re-created most of the directories, but there are still errors that are preventing the Wiki and Web Services from coming back. Is it a known issue? and you cannot restore Leo Server from time machine, at least the boot partition? or is there just some wizzy wig things that i need to do in order to get it all functional again? Thank you again, Chuck
  2. ChuckDSanders

    HDAPatcher temporary links

    I have a P5K Deluxe Wifi mobo, and I am going to reload the OS because of a borked update. Regardless, I have been hunting around for all of the necessary patches to update my mobo after the install. Is the Taruga ver3 preferred over the ver4 for my board. I would like to use the Coax digital out, as it was working with the last install, however I am pretty sure that was Taruga ver3. Thank you for all of your help.
  3. ChuckDSanders

    My Computer is really tired

    I have an asus P5k Deluxe Wifi running Kalyway 10.5.2 without the updates. I do not have the vanilla kernel installed because, well my chip as far as I know is not supported. Is the only way to get sleep to work on that board with an E4500, and a 7800gtx vid card (my understanding is that it is all contingent on this) is to get another CPU and install the vanilla kernel? Currently the computer will sleep fine, however upon coming out, the video on both screens is garbled and the OS is slowed to a crawl. I would love to have this work and I understand you can. On another note, is there another distro that works with my setup better? like Aitkos or something to this affect? Any advice is greatly welcomed. Thank you again, Chuck Look below for my hardware specs. If you need any additional information please feel free to ask.
  4. Hey, what bios setting did you use for your IDE? Did you use reg IDE or did you use AHCI? Was there any other settings that you had to do in order for it to boot? I have 10.5.1 installed and working on the P5k deluxe currently, however I can't get Kalyway to work with the same set up. Any ideas? Thank you
  5. Hey I have a buddy that I am trying to install Leopard on his E1405 with GMA 950. We can install leopard and run the patches, however after we try to boot it just get past the boot loader and then restarts the machine. Is there a different post patch that I should run after the install than the regular brazil mac one? Thank you again for all your help.
  6. ChuckDSanders

    Intel P35 ICH9 Works! [ ASUS P5K]

    You can also do a search for ACHI post install XP and there are a couple of tricks that you can do with the registry and command line in XP to install ACHI after the install. It works with the P5K series and other P35 series MOBOs. I have done it myself and it worked great.
  7. I found a post with a gigabyte board running an nvidia MCP with the same ad1988b, would this be somewhere to look into perhaps making it work?
  8. I was wondering if anyone has any luck getting the 5.1 to work with the P5k deluxe, prem, and or E model. I know they all use the same audio codec so is there anyone that has taken it upon themselves to make it work? Thank you again for all the community support.
  9. See, I would go with a P35 chipset solution at this time, or wait another month and get the new X35 I think its called chipset. The only problem with a hackintosh to date, is there is no support of Highend video cards with texture memory over realistically 256mb. After the 256mb mark it seems you have to flash card bios's and do some messy stuff. In addition, I wouldn't get too excited about any current direct X 10 parts because they have changed the hardware standard and are issuing a new standard called, you guessed it direct x 10.1. So in short, I bet apple knows this, is waiting for new hardware, new intel CPU's, then they will release a new Mac Pro, with a new fancy video card that will be akin to what you can get in a PC. when that happens, we will have a chance at getting some newer drivers and thus a better video support. At the moment, I would just build a 2nd PC for OS X use, and then use a PC for your gaming Just my opinion because thats what I ended up doing.
  10. ChuckDSanders

    P5K Deluxe Lan with Uphuck 1.4ir2

    I have pretty much everything working, even the darn WIFI works with the correct realtek driver from the companies website. The only thing that isn't working quite yet is the 5.1 surround with optical out and input. I have not checked the E sata as I don't have e sata and the Jmicron doesn't work quite yet, however I am pretty sure there is just a kext I need to hack to make it work. Other than that its a great board.
  11. ChuckDSanders

    SATA optical drive works... then doesn't

    I don't think thats the case. I have a plextor sata DVD rw, supposed to be one of the better ones on the market, and I had the same problem as he was talking about. I have a P35 chipset and used UpHuck 1.4r2 and chose the ICHR8,7,6 ect option when installing OS X and that seemed to fix the CD/DVD ejection problem. Hope this helps.
  12. ChuckDSanders

    P5K Deluxe Lan with Uphuck 1.4ir2

    Well I am replying to my own post. I got it fixed, when you install with UPHuck, make sure that you enable all of the LAN option in the bios, or it won't configure the network correctly upon loading into OSX for the first time, thus never allowing you to use the LAN.
  13. ChuckDSanders

    ASUS P5K-E/Uphuck1.4i Works

    Well you are right, r2 works far better. Now if I can only get my LAN to work. I have 3 types of lan on the board, Marvell Yukon, Realtek and another realtek wireless with people saying they work. In addition I had it all working on another upgraded 10.4.8 load, however I wanted to try this uphuck. Ohh well the price you pay for wanting bleeding edge. Thanks for everyones help.
  14. ChuckDSanders

    ASUS P5K-E/Uphuck1.4i Works

    Hey which version of Uphuck did you use to install? I have used r2, and I can't get the lan to work after the patching. I can't even get r3 to load, however i am not sure if thats because of the torrent I downloaded. Thank you for your help
  15. You can check my sig to see my rig. I can't get the lan to work after I have installed uphuck1.4r2. Is there an option that I need to select in order for it to work during install? Another thing is that when i try to open the network option in System Prefs it crashes. Any ideas? Thank you again