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how to install OSX 10.5.2


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Things you'll need:

- An OS already installed (XP/Vista)

- Acronis OS Selector (comes with Acronis Disk Director Suite)

- iAtkos 2.0i

- DVD Decrypter installed



1- Install Acronis Disk Director (you don't have to patch the trial will do just fine)

2- Install then Acronis OS Selector and make sure that it is activated

3- Download iAtkos2.0i (http://www.mininova.org/get/1412648)

4- Burn just the .iso file with DVD Decrypter a x1 speed

5- Reboot with the DVD inside (make sure that your machine boots automatically to DVD Drive where the DVD is inserted)

6- Hit F8, then type -v

7- Wait until the installer loads and the click the button

8- Go to Utility-->Disk Utility

9- Select the HDD (or partition) where you want to install OS X

10- Format it as Mac OS X Extended (Journaled)

11- Get back to the installation window and continue

12- Do NOT select any patches in Customize except that are already selected (even better, DON'T click Customize AT ALL)

13- When it starts checking the DVD, just skip it

14- Wait

15- When the computer reboots, pop out the DVD

16- When OS Selector loads, select the unknown operating system

17- Done

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