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  1. Seems to me that you don't have Install Mac OS X Mountain Lion.app in your applications folder.
  2. I tried this method and the usb creates fine, but as when I try to boot into it, I can read something about the ACPI C states not being generated and then it immediately restarts my PC. Here are my specs: AsRock P67 Pro3 SE i5 2500k AMD Radeon HD 6950 (although I'm not sure this is relevant?) This isn't my first try, when try the myHack method it first loads up all the kexts then restarts, and the same with ######. I think this is weird because I've been working with Snow Leopard and Lion on this PC perfectly.
  3. Chimera Bootloader not effective

    The partition must have a letter assigned to it, but you can't do that since the file system isn't recognized. Now there are two ways to solve this: 1: Run DiskPart (just search) and type in the following commands: list disk select disk X (your hard drive) list partition select partition X (the partition where OSX is installed) active exit This will set it as active, but be sure you that you have a way of booting into it. 2: Install MacDrive (sorry, shareware) and then you can set it to active in Disk Management. It will also allow you to browse Mac formatted disks as long as the trial is running.
  4. Chimera Bootloader not effective

    Firstly: all of your partitions to be active at once is impossible, so you're not understanding what I'm saying. Boot up your Windows installation and choose repair computer, from there boot into Windows and set your OSX partition active using Windows Disk Management. If you don't have a Windows installation DVD/USB stick boot up your OSX installation (well, only it's bootloader) to then boot into the partition where OSX is installed and install a proper bootloader on it (Chameleon)
  5. Time Setting Change

    I have the same problem, I'd manually set the time from my BIOS but apparently my motherboard isn't okay with that.
  6. Chimera Bootloader not effective

    Try booting into the "System Reserved" partition, if that doesn't work, boot into your Windows installation and choose repair computer. Once repaired, set the OSX partition as active.
  7. Use the latest Chameleon bootloader, Chimera is buggy.
  8. Chimera Bootloader not effective

    Are you dual booting? If so, install Chimera (or Chameleon) to your OSX partition (or HDD), then reboot into Windows and set that partition as active.
  9. idem is actually in latin so he should've understood it, I did anyway And for the Mac App Store problem I fixed it with just adding this to my org.chameleon.boot.plist <key>EthernetBuiltIn</key> <string>Yes</string>
  10. Hi, I followed this tutorial and I used a Snow Leopard installation in VMware to create the usb stick. I did everything correctly but when I tried to boot from the usb stick, it said that com.apple.boot.plist was depreciated and then when I still tried to boot the installation it said mach_kernel was missing. So I rebooted into Windows then my virtual machine, I copied the mach_kernel located on my virtual hard disk to the root of the usb stick (I didn't search for "org.chameleon.boot.plist" since I can't find one), after that I retried to boot to the installation, this time it loads all the files and when it's supposed to show me the Apple logo with the turning wheel it my computer just restarts. Here are my specs: -AsRock P67 Pro3 SE -Intel i5 2500k -Asus HD 6950 Perhaps my hardware is unsopperted? Or is the new org.chameleon.boot.plist mandatory? I'll try to find one and report back, or if someone could provide me one. EDIT: I noticed that there already was a mach_kernel in the Extra folder, so I changed com.apple.boot.plist's mach_kernel value to "Extra/mach_kernel" (still can't find org.chameleon.boot.plist), when I restarted it successfully loaded everything up until the point it supposed to show me the "Welcome to Mac OS X Installation screen", you know, where I can choose Disk Utility and stuff, instead the screen just stays gray. And if I try to boot in safe mode it shows me the gray screen plus the cursor (it functions well, I can move it), but that's it. The weird thing is that my USB stick is still indicating read/write access. Any suggestions?
  11. Hi Andy, do you think there's some kind of bootloader for the AsRock P67 motherboard?
  12. So it's been two days now since my PC components arrived, I happily but them together and installed Windows 7. But now I want to add OSX to it so that I can dual boot, but for two days I've tried (very hard) but with no luck. So maybe I thought one of my components isn't compatible, I searched but I haven't found anything. Here's what I have: AsRock P67 Pro3 SE Intel i5 2500k Asus HD 6950 DirectCU 2 Now I know that the processor is compatible since there are Macs out ther that use it, the motherboard I don't know, I've searched and haven't found anything. And for the graphics card, taranfx just released a driver right? But is it imperative for the installation? I've tried every possible installation method (the ones on the OSX86 wiki page) but almost all of them don't even boot up, only one booted up (Kakewalk) but when I entered in verbose mode, after loading the kernel and the black screen appears (the one where it should show all the drivers loading up and configuring), it just stays black, which means it doesn't load anything. Same thing when I put my BIOS in AHCI mode. Here's what I have available on my HDD: 2 Partitions: both NTFS, one with Windows installed on it and the other just empty waiting for OSX Official Mac OS X Install DVD A virtual machine running OSX Lion, so I do have access to an OSX installation (but a poor, slow one) And a bunch of Mac image managing software for Windows (like TransMac, MacDrive, etc) But I currently don't have a DVD drive so I just burn the images on USB sticks, does that change anything? Can anybody help me? I'm kinda desperate here. Thanks.
  13. wth, now it doesn't wanna see my iPod wtf?
  14. So I recently re-installed Mac OS X 10.5.2 using iAtkos =P but it doesn't want to see my Seagate Expansion Drive (ST310005EXA101-RK) I mean, he saw it during the installation in disk utility, but when the installation fails during the first time and I restarted my computer and went back to disk utility, it wasn't there anymore I haven't seen it since then. I've tried switching usb ports, usb cables, everything. And it doesn't wanna see Kingston Data Traveler either Please Help!!!

    there already is an AC97 tiger driver but not for Leopardjust go to this site and there will be the needed downloads, guides and evrething. Site: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Audio