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How to Disable the boot menu?

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Hi All!


I used leo4all v3, Have multiple partitions, though one OS only

(iKno it does not fit well under the "Multi-Boot", though this is the only place where I could ask this)


the 1st-in-the-list-partition got corrupt, had a back up on the 2nd one, am using that now to boot, have erased the 1st partition & have to manually select the 2nd one when booting.


Have power cuts when am not available, when the computer restarts, it stays there without booting hampering my downloads.


Could some one please help me with some steps that could help me re-arrange the boot order if disabling it is difficult or impossible.


Thanks in Advance


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Why don't you just clone the second partition to the first one, that way you will have a spare partition again!? Diskutils can do this for you, remember NOT to mark the "Erase drive " option otherwise you will loose you bootability!



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