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  1. whats the file size? did tht hd work on windows? fact: error -36 is an input output error
  2. I *cannot* get my 8600gt working

    I have the same series card, just the mem is twice as on yours, I used EFIStudio, a part of the leohazard distro, the rig is an AMD proc, I don't think that'll matter.
  3. Update 10.6.2 to 10.6.8

    @Gringo, I mean no dis-respect But I tried & no result I need help with updating my leohazard 10.6.1 to 10.6.8 (for the Mac App Store) The deets you as follows Mobo: asus m2n-sli deluxe Chip:athlon 64 x2 5200+ Vcard: xfx Geforce 8800gt 512mb Mem: 2gigs transcend 800 mhz + 1gig of the same Sound: ADI AD1988B Lan: Dlink - works with ViaRhine
  4. Check if EFIStudio has your gfx listed
  5. USB migraine/Snow Leo

    I am facing similar issues. could anyone help!
  6. About this Mac Graphics

    Worth a 1000 words!
  7. I am not sure about that. Why don't you clone your working version of hack into another partition & then risk it?
  8. NVidia card not working

    Use EFI Studio
  9. [GUIDE] Lion - The easiest guide - Full Working

    Hi, Thank you creating a detailed guide My rig is as follows : Amd 5200+ x2 proc M2N - SLI Deluxe MoBo 1 tb eSata hd 250 gb eSata hd 3gb ram NVidia 8600 gfx - 512b mb LeoHazard 10.6.1 > upgraded to 10.6.8 by this I am not able to proceed with the guide you have created as is where it all halts, Thanks for the help in Advance. ultimo
  10. AMD x2 64 Athlon +3800 Snow Leopard

    I have an AMDx2 64 Athlon +5200, asus m2n sli deluxe with nForce chipsets & nvidia 8600 gt. I had never had issues with larger files on my snow leopard by hazard, I have a TB hd for data. Do you have ntfs for mac os x software? May be the absence of it is causing this, however mac os x extended journaled allows more than 4gb, 4gb cap is for fat32 format.
  11. Developing with XCode and submiting?

    I'd like to know about this too!
  12. Get EFI studio, pick the right gfx card with memory, click on write to com.apple.boot.plist & reboot once its done.
  13. com.apple.Boot.plist

    Hi Verdant, Sorry to get this thread back to life after a very long time, but no other thread had any mention of Lizard not recognizing chameleon. Ironically the grabs or anything are not rendering on my screen as the gpu does not have drivers! I reinstalled chameleon, zappd lizard with appzapper & re-downloaded it, re-installed, same issue. I noticed you have an asus mobo, me too! mine is an m2n sli deluxe, with a 8600 gt - 512 mb ram I was able to get iDeneb 1.6 lite working with the gpu, after I did a clean install of a leohazard snow leo 10.6.1, I could not get the gpu detected, I installed the drivers from the iDeneb disk, ended up with a blank black screen after darwin kicks in. I have also followed most of the steps you have suggested, tried rc2 3, 4, but chameleon ain't being recognized, Help! chameleon_.tiff grabs_not_seen.tiff