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So I recently gave up on Leopard on my P4 and went back to Tiger (mainly for ATV4Mac) and in doing so ran into some problems in locating the 8.9.1 kernel that wasn't part of a 1GB update package or when I finally found a kext for my onboard NIC, so the thought occurred to me, why dont we, or is there already, a repository of all of these kexts and kernels that we read about and are located on all of the distros of OSX86.

So my only concern would be the legality of it? Would there be any legal issues with hosing these kernels and kext files on a hosting account that I already have with bluehost.com? The content does not appear to be copyrighted so Bluehost wont have a problem with it.

Anyway, if this is something that people are interested in it could be a way to easily find these files.

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