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Fastest Re-install?


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I started my re-install at 11:33, the packages started installing 11:39. Rebooted 11:50 PM.

Ran through set up. Restored files (not apps). Logged on to Insanely Mac. It's now 12:01 AM.


I think that's pretty quick. :-)


How, you ask?


Image of the install CD on 32 GB CompactFlash. WOW is it fast. My DVD drive seems to be kinda slow.


I also rsync'd everything from /Users onto another volume on the CF card which held my 1 GB of data.


And that brings me here.


What do you think?



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@dies, how do you do that? will it also restore mbr/guid boot thingy? i tried it by super-duper and another tool, but no success .



You just use disk utility. ;)


You need an extra partition that's writable by OS X to save your backup image, then you just boot from an install disc or a second install if you have one and use disk utility to create a new image, usually it's right around half the size of your used space give or take a couple gigs.


When restoring choose to erase, unless you completely delete the partition or make major changes to the disk it shouldn't affect whether the partition is bootable or not.

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