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Johnny G

Speedstep keeps self-closing?

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Hi there, this is my first post on this site. I sat back for a week and read up on a ton of info. the results; got my e1705 running leopard 10.5.2, 9.2.0 vanilla kernel w/ speedstep, working bluetooth and 9200 audio, the whole nine, very excited!


After getting speedstep to work (had to figure out how to properly kextload, but then took the easy route and use osx86tools hehe) i absolutely love it. works like a charm, have it configed to throttle when i want it to. i have a strange condition, though...


Sometimes within 5 minutes, or sometimes not at all, the application just stops running. the icon in the top menu bar dissapears, and i have to reload the app. i have a shortcut to the icon on my dock now so when i see it's gone i can easily reload it (not without inputting my 13 character long pw though)


i tried a forum search and a google search, can't find specific info regarding to my situation, any1 know why the app would shutdown randomly? this is the last thing to tackle, then i'd say i have a 100% fully-functional glitch-free osx86 install.


any and all help is appreciated! tia =P

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thanks for the quick reply. i moved it to the appropriate utilities folder, but how do i go about fixing the rights? any terminal related stuff (do i have to repair permissions? i can do that lol) or is it something i have to click on the app and do in the 'get info' window? thanks

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Selfclosing is because the superuser mode (you give at start of app) only hold for 5 minutes. Without that app closes.

You must do the terminal commands in the speedstep thread (ch...). App can stay elsewhere.

Repairing rights CANT help - because the app is unknown to the rights database of apple.

Those unknown to apples repair =no repair is for all Apps/drivers you install without using an .pgk install. ( zipped .kexts, zipped .apps downloads)!! for example such drivers like natit or modded other .kexts must get their owner (root:wheel) by chown -R root:wheel natit.kext command (or better using Kext Intsall Helper) - even 10 times repairing rights would not repair those hand installed/modded drivers.

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