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  1. Mieze, very graceful of you, you are truly a very giving soul As for animal rights, I went to a local event recently called the Animal Ball. I live on Long Island, NY, USA. The event was a dinner party, open bar and fantastic food and all proceeds went towards Save-A-Pet, an animal shelter where I rescued my 2 little guys from! My next donation there for the holidays, whether it be food or litter etc., I will double it and donate on your behalf. Paws up! Hehehe. Any who in regards to this wonderful driver, is it generally assumed at this time with version 1.0.0d7 aka the release version, is working 100% for everyone else too? I have had my OS X box online with internet access without issue for nearly a week now. Torrents, FTP, etc. Over 100GB of files/data have passed through the line, mostly uploading (my original issue) and it is working without fail. Any kernel dumps/logs needed to be contributed on my end let me know. My NIC on my gigabye ga-z97mx gaming-5 mobo is a Killer E2201.
  2. Tonymacx86 is full of a bunch of tools. They way they answer questions soemtimes is so demeaning. I was banned once for posting a guide they didn't approve, only to find they re-worded a few things, kept 98% of the info and re-posted it! I found out by re-joining which was a PITA because they log your MAC & IP. Had to use my other PC via smartphone mobile hotspot to register. I was furious. I've used [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] many times in the past and present due to the collection of bundled apps and drivers. That is the only thing that site is good for. But, they didn't even ask for your driver or give credit?! Shameful. I was goign to write a nice guide for my current build but to hell with them. Back to the point, your driver is fantastic. For all intensive purposes, it is working 100%! Currently using the 1.0.0.d7 (aka 1.0.0?) the most current driver. The ALX 1.0.2 driver floating around elsewhere on the 'net was buggy, I could get my z97 hack (killer e2201 NIC) to crash on command during a speedtest from speedtest.net. Also would occasionally crash during VPN, torrenting and large intranet file transfers. Thanks you very much for putting this together. Please, PM me your paypal address, a donation is in order.
  3. Boot Camp: Update computer's boot ROM firmware

    Im surprised this is still being talked about. sorry to bring up an old post, but if people read this i dont want them to think it is at all challenging to boot a native windows install, in parallels. i don't use vmware, i just didn't like the interface, i very much enjoy parallels 4. coherence is beautiful =P anyways, simply go into parallels and set up a 'new virtual machine' but not run it. manually edit the pvm file with a text editor.... check this and you'll be good to go. very easy. i assume if you're trying to boot a native xp install within parallels, dual boot is setup properly. good luck
  4. 4311 and wpa-psk. wtf!

    i'm glad i didn't wait around for a response to find an answer! whew, overwhelming amount of support... lol. moving on, screw wpa-psk... mac filtering and wep to the rescue, everything is perfect.
  5. 4311 and wpa-psk. wtf!

    what goes bump in the night.... monsters, and... this damn post!. BUMP.... any1?
  6. 4311 and wpa-psk. wtf!

    bump... any1? wpa-psk, or any wifi with security stronger than wep, and the notorious mini pci-e 1390. NO1 has any input? all is well without wpa-psk. it works under winblows... help, plzzzz.
  7. 4311 and wpa-psk. wtf!

    Hi there everyone. Been workin for about 6 weeks to get my install damn near perfect. only 2 issues left... 1 being this damned wifi business. As of right now, i've been on wifi without dropping for over 10 minutes, which is wonderful. After using a combination of the culprit wifi-responsible io kexts of ionetworkingfamily, iopcifamily, iopccardfamily and io80211family i had gotten wpa-psk encrypted wifi to work flawlessly with my dell 1390 pci-e wifi card, 14e4,4311! i was so happy... i had parallels booting my native xp install as well, until my hdd started makin some noises... dell warranty to the rescue. after the new hdd swap and reinstalls of xp and osx, i couldn't get my mac wifi back to the way it was, even using the EXACT kexts i had backed up from the perfect install! grrr. my wifi card is always detected as an airport card, 3rd party, and always works well, as fast as in windows. my problem lies with the MOMENT i hop on my wifi network, EXACTLY 10 MINUTES LATER, my internet halts. 10 minutes on the dot. i tried looking to see if that is the interval in which my paraphrase key time interval changes to a new key in which mac fails to retrieve... and that was it. twas a security issue! but how did i get it to work once before?? after changing the interval to say 20 minutes, i stayed on for 20 minutes til being booted. now my question is... do any of the custom, original, etc. kexts for wifi have anything to do with how the cards maintain connection? seems like all the kexts and en swap tricks and such are just to get the wifi card connected or recognized at all, whereas mine works fine OOB (for the most part) until a key change. when this happens btw, i just turn off and turn on my airport, which only takes 10 seconds, but of course can get very agrivating when watching streaming video. using the assistant in the network preferences and going through the motions, it auto-reconnects. once it asked me for permission to always allow changes, i said yes hoping this would fix the new key retrieval error, but it didn't. WHY oh WHY OS X, can you NOT STAY CONNECTED?! for now, i simply changed my home wifi network to mac filtering only, open system (turned off ssid broadcasting, so i feel kinda safe lol) but i really enjoy the safety of having wpa-psk with a strong paraphrase AND mac filtering, along with ssid broadcasting off. no1's getting in without a fight hehe. how the hell can i fix this issue? what is causing my 4311 to not sync up with the new paraphrase-generated wpa-psk key?? like i said the card is detected out the box... if this helps, i installed 10.5.1 kaly -> 10.5.2 kaly+kernel -> 10.5.3 kaly+kernel (wifi breaks here!) -> 10.5.4 delta via apple. Already tried using 10.5.2 wifi kexts to no avail. sorry for the long post, but this is as specific as i can be, i don't know what else to do. please, any help would be appreciated. fortunately, my college uses open system and mac filtering (whew!) or else... ::gulp:: back to XP! (screaming)
  8. long overdue follow up: never tried, nor found any info on this wire swap idea... not doin it. got my wifi working well, but of course my perfect install went to hell with a hfs+ partition error of some sort... i tried to partition a drive in XP, IN Mac using parallels. oops. so far, no drops... P.S. I got my dell pci-e 1390, aka a broadcom 4311 (wifi) working perfectly with a simple replacement of 4 different 10.5.1 kalyway kexts. they are io80211family.kext ionetworkingfamily.kext iopccardfamily.kext and iopcifamily.kext i did this because i noticed the kalyway 10.5.3 update broke my wifi. i have since tried numerous kext swaps, custom kexts, original kexts, new with old with custom... enough reboots to drive me bonkers! but looks like everything works well now =P
  9. inverting the antenna cables on the card?! wooooah, why have i not heard of or read of this b4? both of you did the same thing with sucessful results? i'm savvy enough to do it, but what is the purpose of the wire swap? is this problem antenna related, card related, is it due to something on the OS end? will this affect my connectivity for when i use XP (i have a dual boot)? i'd love a bit more info. both of you helped to raise my confidence in getting back up to 10.5.4! i need to be there because i want to run the SDK for iPhones to make apps (need 10.5.4) and sacrificing a solid wifi connection is not worth it. i hope you both read this post, or i will message. thanks again.
  10. after trying many previous install package kexts from io80211family.kext (inside of which is the appleairportbroadcom4311.kext, which i have also replaced many times) the plugin kext from my install disc, previous update packages, etc... i just can't seem to get my card to work constantly. it always seems to lose signal. the worst part is it's so simple, i just turn off airport and turn it back on!! it's not a major problem that i need help with, just some strange configuration. WOAH, as a test, i ran a google ping in terminal. i never lost internet! after idle for an hour (no computer usage, only ping in the backround) i started up safari and all was well. it seems so that as long as i'm transmitting packets, os x keeps my wireless card initialized. does this suggest a power-down issue, where my wifi card shuts down and has to be reinitialized (via turning off and on the airport, or other tricks... see above)? totally at a loss for any solutions... please, some1, any1 suggest something!!!
  11. bump, and edit; i started over... and found something interesting. 10.5.4 doesn't break the wifi, nor does the apple update... 10.5.3 kalyway combo update did. at least i think so, anyways. just seems to not be function like the on the previous installs. or maybe i never noticed it b4, i don't know. to clear things up, my 4311 is minipci. tia
  12. i have a broadcom 4311, specifically a dell 1390, device id is 14e4:4311. i am using manual ip (static ip) settings, my network is superb under windoze (both wired and wireless, same computer and on other household computers) i am running 10.5.4, and other guides suggested i update to the newest airport software from apple before troubleshooting, but i feel that may be the very reason i am having problems. airport is configurable and running with my card, i can set the manual IP for my home network, i can connect to school's wifi using auto-dhcp, everything seems to work fine! am happy, except for 1 inconvenience; on my home network, unless i'm downloading something and constantly sending and recieving packets, my internet will cease to allow internet access after about 10 minutes of inactivity. i assume it is something to do with my kext, it fails to allow the wifi card to stay connected (btw, i use WPA security) clicking the airport icon to turn it off and turning it back on re-establishes my connection, as does using the 'diagnose' function under 'assist me' in airport. i can also de-and-reactivate my wifi and bluetooth using fn + F2 and i'll re-establish my connection again. all these methods do the same thing; disable and reanable my wifi card, which re-establishes the connection. this is extremely irritating, considering it worked flawlessly on other installs... i think the 10.5.4 update messed it up a bit, b4 that it worked, hence why i tried the apple airport update (didn't fix anything, and perhaps complicated the matter) also when booting in verbose mode, i can see that the device is initialized with the name of broadcom 4311, but later in the boot, 15 seconds or so, it says 43xx ethernet address followed by the device's mac address. it then says link up on en1, so all seems to be ok, but in previous installs it never said 43xx, always id'ed properly as 4311. i am at a loss for what to do next for fear of breaking my install yet again. as i post this, im sure i lost connection, forcing me to turn off and turn on my wifi card. it's driving me mad! what are the next steps to take? i ran the broadcom 43xx enabler script, i tried copying over my old appleairport kexts from my kalyway 10.5.1 install disc using pacifist, i tried everything i could. im almost ready to turn off static ip on my home network in favor of mac address filtering (but then i lose port forwarding which i need for remote requesting on XP with a family member in NC) AHHHH! any1 know what i can do from here? thanks in advance.
  13. 10.5.4 on E1705 with USB boot

    hey there, i have an e1705 as well. different screen (but same gpu) and i have the 1390, aside from that we have identical comps. since i have installed about 20+ times so far due to experimenting and being unable to correct my mistakes properly, i've finally perfected my install. i like that you are able to use 10.5.4 right off the bat, i start @ 10.5.1 and do an extra 3 reboots to get there via kalyway 10.5.2/3 + kernals, and 10.5.4 apple update. how is everything working for you? seems like mine is just wonderful, wondering if you have any hangups or issues. what graphics driver are you using? under system profiler mine shows up as 'graphics by nvidia' and reports 512vram using nvinjectgo, gl works excellently via xbench testing and osx usage and is stable, but nvkush is 10% faster but slows my sleep resume to 20+ seconds! i can go through my kexts and we could compare if you'd be willing to do so. sounds like u have a pretty kickin install! kudos.
  14. joe, i have an e1705 and i made it up to 10.5.4 successfully. going to try netkas method to get to 10.5.5 (keeps fingers crossed) best thing to do is after updates, to reinstall all devices and kexts from that installer as a precaution. after 10.5.3 to 10.5.4 my keyboard, sound, ethernet, and graphics weren't what i customized into my 10.5.3. no worries, booting into safe mod and using that WONDERFUL post installer fixes everything! sonotone is the man. great link, joeventura. been using his installer after every update to restore my devices (apple ruins your install of most things after an update!) after 10.5.1 kalyway install, that file helped me get up to 10.5.3 no problems, just installed the patches that i needed and voila! very easy computers to get osx86 running on!! =P for 10.5.4, use the apple update, and use the installer yet again to repatch everything. easy as pie. do you plan on getting to 10.5.5?
  15. Speedstep keeps self-closing?

    thanks for the quick reply. i moved it to the appropriate utilities folder, but how do i go about fixing the rights? any terminal related stuff (do i have to repair permissions? i can do that lol) or is it something i have to click on the app and do in the 'get info' window? thanks