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Help recommend a laptop to purchase.

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As the title states, I am going to be selling my Dell D620. I am tired of the shortcomings of the laptop in OSX (can only use single core, BT doesn't work, had to buy a new wireless card, etc...) So I am looking to get a different laptop as a replacment with the money I got from the D620.


I am looking for near 100% operation in OSX. I'd like the following specs if possible. If you guys know of any laptops that come close, please let me know. I've checked the wiki and it's near impossible to google each model to see their specs.


CPU - dual core

GPU - nVidia w. at least 256mb ram

Wi-Fi - must work out of box

BT - Must work as well OOB

Ethernet - I could do without this, but would be nice to work oob

Widescreen monitor is a must


Optional but perks:

Sleep working

Battery management


Any help with suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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I intend on putting some money towards the laptop, but I also intend on buying it on ebay. I don't need a brand new laptop for what I use it for. Just want dual core, a decent video card, BT, and wireless really. I just want it to work relatively easy w. OSX86.

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I weighed it out a bunch. Did some research, and found that really, Mac Book Pro is the way to go. I'm using mine for live and powerful hard hitting computing or video and such so.... I'm actually kinda interested to see if 10.5.6 adds support for nVidia like the rumor sites say. Thats just my opinion. Also my hack still outperforms my new macbook pro.

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