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vista + kelyway on ga-p35-ds3l

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hy, i am new at this. lately i found that i can install ''pirat'' copy of leopard on my comp. now i am using vista ultimate 32-bit...I have tried every thing, LEO4ALL, iATkos, Idenab but nothing work on my comp, or dont know how to install :unsure: ... my configuration is:

intel core 2 E6550,2x 2.33 ghz,1333 mb,775 pin, 4 mb cache

GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L,s775,ddr2, sata2, glan... motherboard

power color radeon 2600xt 256mb PCI ddr4, graphic

3 x 1gb ddr2 on 800mhz

wd 500g sata 32 mb + seagate 320g hdd 16 mb(vista)

1tb hdd extern wd on firewire


by the way, my job is video editing, can i install final cut on that os, becouse of what i am doing this!!!!!!!

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hint. Please take the time and study the forum structure and the search button. You'll discover that almost anything you might think is new and complicated has already been discussed in great detail. Welcome to the forum, given that it is your first post/thread. Video card - get the link from my specs - it basically has the same driver, i think it might even be supported through efi strings without the need for a driver - use osx86tools for that. Work with that.


Tips. if forum search does not satisfy you use google : add to your search string site:forum.insanelymac.com

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