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Install freezes on ECS P4M800PRO


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I am trying to install from Kalway 10.5.2 on the following system:


ECS P4M800PRO board (is listed in the WIKI as being compatible)

VIA P4M800PRO + VIA VT8237R Plus chipset

Celeron 2.7 (Northwoood) does support SSE2

ATI Radeon 9600 AGP

1 GB memory

SATA HD and DVD/RW drive (same drive used to burn Kalway)


I can boot into darwin and launch the install.

It loads all the files and starts installing then just stops after the following:



Mac Framework Successfully Installed

Using XXXX buffer headers and XXXX cluster IO headers (sorry, didn't write down the exact numbers here)



From there it does nothing, no disk activity, HD or DVD and no CPU activity.

I have let it sit overnight just to make sure I wasn't juist being impatient.

I do not see anything that looks like an error in the text displayed on the screen so I'm not sure where to start...


I have seen others getting this error but don't see a resolution yet.


Can anyone point me in the right direction as to where to start troubleshooting?





I am still searching through current posts for an answer but wanted to throw out another line as well.

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So, I have progress.


Turns our trying a different DVD drive with iPC worked.


The installer came up but I had no KB or mouse.

Switched to USB on both and away we went.


The installer went all the way through but then failed ad the end with the following error.


Install step failed: run preinstall script for Apple SMBIOSEFI


I'm assuming I have hardware still.

Going to try again with different set of hardware options.

Any other suggestions?

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