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OSX on Beagleboard. Any chances?

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The Beagle Board http://beagleboard.org/hardware looks like a very powerful and low cost hardware. It is based on Texas Instruments ARM OMAP3530 processor.


As it is not an Intel, SSE2/3 support is not available. So my initial guess, is that this will never run OSX (But no one should understimate the capabilities of the smart people arround here).


But it could be nice to imagine the ease of use and power of OSX client (or Server edition) and the ever increasing offer software for this OS acting like appliances devices, P2P dedicated, VOIP servers, hosting-database-file servers, MobileMe, etc, etc with a very low power consumption. Obviosly this could be done with some Linux distros, but I won't make a list of reasons of why to preffer OSx.


Anyone could provide feedback on the feasibility of this? I'm not good at software level, but I'm willing to provide my expertise on electronics, or to follow instructions to test if anyone is interested.

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