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Different Issue Installing Kalyway 10.5.2


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This machine (Specs are here) has no OS's on it yet. The HDD is completely cleaned


I have installed Kalyway Leopard 10.5.2 DVD Intel Amd (patched with Chameleon) without any issue. Once the install way done the machine rebooted as per usual. Now I quickly removed the DVD after the machine rebooted as to not allow the DVD to boot up again.


From there I saw the white loading screen with the mac logo. After that I heard start up noises. I think it was splash video playing (



So clearly things are working but the video card is not working properly with the OS.


Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope----

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How comfortable are you with the command line?


Well prepare to get very comfortable with it, if you really want to make it work. :)


You need to boot into single user mode and disable the graphics drivers (kexts). To boot into single user mode just hit F8, or any key really, when the bootloader comes up then type "-s" at the boot prompt, without the quotes of course, and follow the instructions provided to run a filesystem check and mount the / partition read write.


Then change into the directory that holds the drivers


cd /System/Library/Extensions


and disable graphics drivers by renaming them so they don't get used. You can list the contents with


ls -la


if you can't read all of it try piping the output through more or less like


ls -la | more


so you can scroll through it with your space bar then start disabling the intel graphics drivers with something like


mv <nameofkext> <nameofkext>.dontuse


Since you have intel graphics it should be safe to completely disable ATI/NVIDIA stuff with something like


for i in `ls | grep *ATI*`; do mv $i $i.dontuse; done
for i in `ls | grep NVDA*`; do mv $i $i.dontuse; done
for i in `ls | grep GeForce*`; do mv $i $i.dontuse; done

You could be bold and also substitute *IntelG* ? for the match in that command then see what happens. ;)


When done just type reboot and cross your fingers. Also make sure to use the verbose boot flag "-v" so you can see what's going on, you should also add "-f -F" to make sure drivers are completely reloaded and it's not using cached stuff.


Getting it to work properly will definitely be a trial and error thing and require lots of patience and reading. Good luck.

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Hi dies.


Thanks for your swift reply. I am comfortable with the cmd line yet not very skilled at it. Good for me that I enjoy reading and ha ve patience,


So I am in my Extensions folder. There seems to be alot of them. Many with the prefix ATI or NVDA.


Unfortunatly I cannot understand what do with the "code" you have provided me.


I have taken a snapshot of my computer screen for you. Hopefully with this you could give me an example code to run in the CMD line.


I understand that I'll likley have to do a lot of manual handcoding. Any further help is greatly appreciated!





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I have discovered the solution and a solution to another problem with help from teh internets


Problem with the blue screen was solved that to TPB


Notes: if you have problems on reboot with video gfx (blue or black screen)


All you have to do is just press F8 at Darwin's prompt and then type -s (single user mode) then


at root type mount -uw /


and /movevideodrivers


then it will be prompt to move video drivers by class ( nvidia ; ati ; or intel gma) voila!


type yes to confirm or enter to skip !



Then I couldn't get past the welcome screen loop. This solution helped me out ..



booted with -s option (in terminal mode)

then typed the

/sbin/fsck -fy

/sbin/mount -uw /


cd to /Volumes/ -- ur disk name here--- /var/db


then touch .AppleSetupDone

then passwd

set a password for root account

once this is done



reboot username: root and password was wat u entered earlier.. u then manually create a normal user account.. in the system preference... set all ure things as per required.



All is good now. Just have to figure out which drivers to install.....sheesh



thanks interwebs

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