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Missing ALL Kexts


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Right. OK!


-- So everything was running fine, as it has been for the past few Months. Running Leo 10.5.5


So I goes to get my Internet (Wireless) back, and SOMEHOW (Don't ask how...) I deleted the entire Extensions folder...

Now. Everytime I go to restart it, it crashes instantly after the countdown (5,4,3,2,1)-'Your Computer blah blah'

I try to get into Safe Mode (-X) -- It just stays on the Apple Boot Screen for ages... Longer than it normally does when going into Safe Mode.

I go into -V, -S etc. have a look, then I 'exit' - and it sticks on: ALF ALERT: Sockwall_cntl_updaterules ctl_enqueuedata rts err 55




I've tried using 2 Linux Disks, to see if I can get into the Extensions folder from there, but I can't find anything.. I don't like Linux much.


Also, had a look on the Kalyway disk-Disk Utility - repaired permissions. Still nothing..


I kinda need this...

I havn't got a single thing backed up. Like, I need all my apps etc.

(On a different note: Is there anyway to GET EVERYTHING including Apps, Music, Pics, Settings etc onto an external hard drive if I have to re-install it all?)


I'm running an Acer 3680 -


Thanks everyone, hope someone can help a little!

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Install again to separate disk or partition, than connect to your first install to be able to get to your data. Other possibility: copy extensions from new install to old one and try to boot your first install again..


tip: allways backup your extensions folder ! :thumbsup_anim:


Goodluck !

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