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  1. Hi, Thanks for your awesome work! I was running osx lion (10.7.2) in vmware workstation 8 using unlocker 1.03 without any problems. Today after long hesitation I upgraded for some other reason to vmware workstation pro 12. I ran uninstall-cmd for unlocker 1.03 and ran install-cmd for unlocker 2.08 as admin. The osx lion vm does not boot properly (only black screen)... I'm using windows 7 64bit host system. Looks like a display problem and the the VM8 is somehow not compatible to run in Workstation 12 Any ideas ? edit: I can boot the vm to safe mode and then log in. osx lion than runs normally... so obviously a problem in vmware workstation 12 not handling screen resolution correctly... very BAD ! edit2: After upgrading the VM from 8 to 12 hardware compatibility the issue is gone. conclusion: workstation 12 does not handle display resolution compatibility to vm8 correctly !
  2. YouTube play with no video in VMware Lion

    Same problem here on latest firefox (8.0). Youtube videos only sound and NO picture... any solutions ? Cannot even pull up the flash settings window to switch off hardware acceleration as it seems to solve the problem in some cases...
  3. Would very much like this to work in Lion 10.7.x ! Where to find...
  4. Dm1z- AMD e350 Dual Core

    You will need a specially modded kernel to be able to run Lion on AMD...
  5. Legacy kernel 10.7.0 with custom dyld

    Are we DEAD here or still ALIVE ? Would be nice to have a DP3 atom patched kernel for Lion maybe even DP4...or still zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... bye..
  6. Lion Install on a Vaio F series?

    Haven't seen a guide for DP4 yet. I would follow the DP2 guide and see how far you get... goodluck..
  7. Kernel will also be patched for AMD...no doubt... I will even speculate Apple to release a kernel for AMD Fusion.
  8. Lion Install on a Vaio F series?

    Hi, I'll give you a high probability of 80-90% lion will actually run on your vaio. Try DP4 first, if you run into problems you can try earlier builds. suc6!
  9. {censored} ! lion now booting on msi-wind and other netbooks !
  10. I'm trying to boot Lion DP3 on msi-wind u100 using Chameleon RC5 759 with patched boot file and Andy's Atom kernel (thank you !). I have installed the patched IntelGMA kexts (from SL) and removed the AppleIntelGMA950 and Framebuffer to correct for display issues. Chameleon is properly loading the kexts, but after all kexts have loaded it reboots. last msg: FADT: restart fix applied ! I'm not using any DSDT.aml... I suspect the kernel... will there be an Atom (n270) 32 bit kernel for DP3 ? ANY other ideas ?? cheers, intrax
  11. problem on install boot

    don't see any other errors or kp's during boort except: ACPI table not found: DSDT.aml so what gives ?
  12. problem on install boot

    I have same problem: seems problem is ACPI table not found looking for DSDT.aml and SSDT.aml is there a way to disable ACPI in Lion install ?
  13. Hi great you will try lion on AMD ! Pls try nawcom's package and legacy kernel (nawcom blog)...oh sorry thats still SL. Would Lion also run on AMD Fusion I'm wondering and maybe I myself will try on an MSI x370... goodluck!
  14. Laptop Buying Advice

  15. ATIRadeon9700 Patch?

    @arisen He fellow... the topic is about ATIRadeon9700 path... can't you READ ? Your post is OT !!