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Sleep on lid close on 10.5.5


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I'm running 10.5.5 on my MSI Wind.


Before messing with the pmset command to try to enable hibernation (i have read now, that it won't be possible, since this requires EFI to work) Sleep on lid closure worked.




Reinstalled the machine, and it seems to be clear, that my problem has nothing to do with the pmset command.


I am installing the MSIWindOSX86.iso on the machine via USB CD-Rom, and all works fine, but AFTER upgrading to 10.5.5 via Apple software update, the "sleep on lid close" does not work anymore.


Is there any way to see, what kext's the Software update overwrites ? i guess that some of the power management kext's gets overwritten.


Now nothing happens.


If i press Fn+F12(Zz symbol) it goes to sleep fine.


I can't find out how to re-enable this feature.


Backlight on the monitor turns off when i close the lid, but no sleep.


Any thoughts on this ?




// Per :D

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I think it's not the clamshell kext that is wrong...


It's the IOUSBFamily.kext which I think got updated.


From superhai website, Readme for EHCISleepEnabler.


To enable it you have to edit the Info.plist in


You need to add these lines









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