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Rotten smell raises Apple toxin fears !

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BlackCH, thanx for this link!

I didn't knew it yet :)


When I say It make me laugh, That's an image.

In fact I didn't knew where to put this article.

I agree with you and what's explained in the link you provided. Sure, that there is nothing to laugh on... but in fact, we're almost all dependent of our computers.. especially on such a forum so the only point I wanted to raise was the "smell" stuff... and the way apple work on it :)

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guys that´s a serious problem and really nothing to laugh.


my best friend bought an I-mac this summer. after a few weeks working with she was always complaining about the smell of it and headaches all the time.she decided to get rid off it.

nevertheless her headaches didn´t stop.


another couple of weeks later she went to a doctor who proofed that she has now the so called "mcs-syndrom". from his opinion this syndrom comes from a traumatic stress caused by inhalation of toxic gases.

we are still trying to find out if it was only the computer.

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