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  1. Eh eh Means that I'd rather to find a OOTB pci or pcie NW card / an usb stick or even a powerline adapter to connect this computer... Thanx folks ; )
  2. Noob question : Can I plug a mini pciE card in a standart pciE slot on ATX MOBO ? And what about the antennas ? Can I fix them on the enclosure ?
  3. did you try with this one ? http://www.ralinktech.com/support.php?s=3
  4. D-Link DWA-110 doesn't work in Snow Leopard

    there is a new driver (10/2/09) here : http://www.ralinktech.com/support.php?s=3 thanks to report if it works
  5. Yep... That's what I was thinking about. Actually, I see a lot of benefits to let the bootloader on the USB port > easily evolutive and let the HD untouched... wich seems to be (to me) the state of the art of OSX installation on a PC. We're now very close to a smart, evolutive and real community based bootloader I think i'm going to buy two more USB thumbdrives ( one for testing purpose with my own DSDT and another one for back up) as soon as I can take some time to understand how does it work. Last question : what about the sound? When I open the pref panel, I have no device detected. Is there any chance to fix it with the dsdt or should I go through with kekt string ?
  6. Yep, sooo noob question :shame: so to achieve this perfect install : How do I transfer the boot and extra files from the thumbdrive to the hard drive ? Is a simple copy ok or should I go through the LH first guide and do all the terminal stuff (but on the HD this time) ?
  7. Thank you mm67! You solved my Clear CMOS issue : ) It works just great except that I still don't have my main hard drivre on the desktop. OK I didn't knew about it as I didn't yet installed SL on the macpro (music purpose) I'm going to investigate. Apart from this point, so it seems to work fine. Oh and I've got to mention that I changed the system freq to 400 (instead of 333) and used a 2x multiplier for the memory (2x400>800) and it seems to work as expected as 3.2 (instead of 2.66) without a glitch. I also changed the smart fan control to enable > run in silence Xbench 193 without disk and 163 with it... fair enough for the purpose : indesign and photoshop as main apps
  8. Thanx, Before I give a try on the next few days, what's the difference with ichixgo's ? Oh and by the way: i'll give a try with a different disk because with my previous install tries, I experienced problems with the 74 Gb raptor... Will search on the forum but I'm pretty sure there is something wrong with this drive.
  9. The install process worked flawlessly. I'm writting from the hack right now. I installed 10.6.1 and the two current stuffs, no problem at all !! The few issues i'm experiencing : 1 The OSX drive is hidden on the desktop... Do not understand why. 2 whenever i reboot the computer I have to retype the Bios settings in order to get it working. I mean that it seems to reset anytime I turn off the computer. Is it normal ? 3 I didn't installed the bootloader on the HD yet assuming I changed the dsdt from the initial UD3P pkg. So how do I install the bootloader on the HD ? And many thanks again
  10. Ok... Something weird happened... the "boot" file disapeared before I exchanged the DSDT file. I'm rebuilding the thumbdrive from scratch now and I'll repair the permissions for the DSDT when the file exchange is done. Will report as soon as I have something new (theorically, SL running fine on my rig)
  11. That's really cool thanks Ichixgo ; ) Actually You didn't miss anything : p I suppose that you used this DSDT to patch mine ? Then it's done. I replaced the dsdt on the thumbdrive. I guess that I'm ready to install the stuff now and the 'permission repair operation' comes when the install is done ?
  12. How do you overclock a macbook?

    Wow! I didn't knew about it. I'm going to test it on my MP asap : p
  13. eh eh! you're right. my pc rig has no win on it but I extracted it from my old laptop. Bios update worked like a charm. Where is the time when it was soo risky to flash the bios ? : p That could be usefull but I guess I know the theory about permissions. I use Onyx for cleaning/maintenance purpose (not often on the mac) and I know how to repair permissions in theory but Where will I have to repair the permissions? on the thumbdrive after I replaced the dsdt.aml ? OK Ichixgo... you rock. I've red threads about DSDT and I think it would be best to put it on the DSDT. My gfx card is an ASUS 7300 GT Silent with 256 Mb and DVI + VGA conectors. And once again, a huge thanx for the help ; ) EDIT : I updated the mobo bios to F9a. The corsair 8 Gb thumbdrive is patched with the LH EP45 UD3P package so i'm ready to go further.
  14. Thank you ! Ok then... this is the awkward piece of cake I didn't understood yet how do I proceed ? I've been reading the differents tutos but I dont understand the way t goes... NB : I own a working laptop under Win XP and a mac to proceed, wich is the best ? Last question before I start again : should I go to F9 bios or should I stick to F8 ?
  15. Hello everybody, I own a EP45 UD3. I tried several times to get a working Leo hackintosh last year without success. I have an ASUS 7300 GT GFX card (DVI/VGA). If I understand the thread, assuming I want to use this method (Lihacker's guide), I need : 1 DSDT.aml file compiled for the mobo 1 efi string for the gfx cadr added to the com.apple.Boot.plist Is this correct ? If yes, then how do I achieve my goals to get the cleanest install? I allready prepared my thumb but I just did the simple part (LH easy method) and I stick to this before doing anything else. Do I need to install dsmos, Power management, platform UUID and OpenHaltRestart fixes as it is explianed in most of the tutos to get a working Install ? Finally, will I have ethernet, sound, bonjour and dual screen support, all needed features ? I'me really sorry for asking all that questions but I spent many painfull hours to get a working hack without success because english is not my native tongue and I do not understand everything in the installs/tutos guides >result i bought a used macpro for my main purpose (music) but I need another computer (my old PC) to get OSXed for my wife (gfx designer). Id' like a clean install from scratch in order to avoid failures encountered by distro users and and to minimise problems when updating from apple. I'd be very thankfull for every kindof help from here Best regards.