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Mouse and keyboard dont work on installation


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I downloaded and burned kalyway 10.5.2 on a dvd disk. The first time i put it into the drive in my computer on boot up everything was going fine. When it came to the installation part my mouse didn't work. I tired my keyboard and i was able to select what language, but i wasn't able to select next on the next screen. So i closed it down, i started and i got the stinky still waiting for root error. I have gotten it to work like 4 times but every time now my mouse doesn't work nor my keyboard. They are both ps/2. Is the a solution to this. Or do i have to buy a usb mouse and keyboard. Here's my specs:

q6600 @ 2.4

4 gbs 800 mhz ram

8600 gts

xfx 680i lt motherboard

super write master dvd writer

1 160 gb sata hd and 1 250 gb sata hd

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