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[iDeneb10.5.4]EFI/Chameleon partition gone?!


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Suddenly, my OSX86 system refuses to boot, i.e. get bstuck after the Chameleon/EFI loader (boot0 or something like it flashes around the screen). Usually, hereafter the screen in which you can press a key (within x seconds) to choose bootdisk and/or -f/-v/-x/-s options appears, but in my case, there is a warning about a missing apple.boot.plist (or something like it, i'm sitting somewhere else at this moment).

I can boot into 10.5.4 using a generic.iso CDROM, and starting from it gives the normal 'boot-menu'. (in which you normally put the -v, etc. options). So I guess my boot-partition (the invisible??one??) is gone to some kind of heaven. How can I restore it without (again) reinstalling iDeneb? (I'm using MBR, not GPT)

I did a little research around here, but in fact, all the info about Chameleon/EFI/Boot132 puts me in a higher state of complete numbness (NOOBness might be a better word) once more..........


And maybe the other question: is this a strange situation, a suddenly disappearing partition? It seems it even screwed up my Vista-partitions, also strange behavior of HD's in Vista. Or can it be a shared partition (Fat32) both used for Mac and Windoze throws dirt on my disks?

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