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Gateway P-7811fx(P45 Express)

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I'm debating buying a Gateway P-7811fx


I was curious if the P45 Express it uses can be ran under OSX I've seen it run on P45 regular machines I can't see

it being much different the one thing is the 9800M GT I have a 9800 working on my desktop machien but the mobile

version i'm not sure about.

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I recently tried to use the Kalyway OS X 10.5.2 installer to attempt to make a hackintosh out of my P-7811FX. For my first attempt, I formatted the "DATA" partition and installed using the sleep kernel and the install completed successfully. After the restart, the gray screen with the Apple logo came up but the computer seemed to freeze. After a reformat and successful reinstall with the vanilla kernel, the gray screen with the logo came up and then the screen dimmed out and a box popped up telling me to restart the computer. After a restart, this same action happened. I don't know if there are driver issues or what, but its not working too well for me so far. I would really appreciate help with this also!

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