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Final Cut Problems

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Hi, i'm search your help for my problem that i'm have. i installed Leopard on my pc they work fine, (i think so). I'm using final cut pro, and i can capture, edit and apply efects whitout problems, but i when export the project to make a dvd, the system freeze or appears the sdreen that say you need restart the system. I search in the post if somebody have the same problem that my, but i can't found it. The specs of my pc are the next:


Processor: AMD 9600 Quad Core


Mother: Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-DS5


Memory: 8 GB DDR2 Kingston 667 Mhz


Video Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8500GT 512 Mb DDR2


Hard Drives: 1 Seagate 500 GB (two partitions one for OS and aplications y another for vdeo capture)


                 1 Seagate 320 GB for Videos (more jejeje)


                 1 Western Digital 320 (in two partitions, one for Windows and another for backup programs)


                 all Hard disk are SATAII


Optical Drives: 1 Samsung SATA DVD-R and 1 LiteOn SATA.


I'm Try to solve this changing the video card, but this isn't my problem, or i think this.


I hope that somebody can help me, thanks and any suggestion are god.


Sorry for my poor english.  ;)

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Instead of making the DVD make an image of the DVD. Even on my G5 I found that making a DVD image was actually better then burning the DVD. If it failed because of media I would have to start over. So I made an image. Call the image up then just make a copy. I did that part in Toast 6. I have not tried that on my hackintosh as I discovered the on board Fire Wire shows up in Apple System Profiler but fails to mount a Fire Wire card reader. I did install a Fire Wire card at that does work. Any way hope this helps.

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