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Older MBP Trackpad Failure

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The trackpad for my 2008 MBP, on the occasion, would stop responding or go haywire. If I move the cursor left it would either go in the opposite direction, shake viciously, or not respond. If I'm in Safari, it would do the same but would scroll the webpage at the same time, whether I have two figures on or one.


This does not occur for specific programs but at random intervals. I have noticed that there is a high correlation between heat and unresponsive frequency.


I was thinking of opening up my MBP and re-adjusting the ribbon cables but:

  1. Have no idea how to do this
  2. Don't think I have the proper tools
  3. Don't want to screw up my MBP if this is risky (I do have a decade of experience dealing with hardware and computers..but not with a Mac)
  4. Don't want to pre-void the AppleCare warranty I plan to buy

Suggestions? :blink:

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