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  1. [BUY] Mac 10.5

    I'm in college on a strict budget. Getting $120 for OS 10.5 is a bit difficult. If anyone has a copy they DO NOT use anymore, or know of a place to find a great deal, please let me know.
  2. PearLyrics Alternative?

    What lyric-retrieving app do you use? Apparently PearLyrics is sworn as the best, but my version is faulty and on the occasion finds lyrics. Any alternatives?
  3. The internet on my MacBook Pro dies at random times fairly frequently. Although my roommates still play Xbox Live while I can't access the internet, I never had a problem with both using our broadband. If I switch users right as it dies, I can use the net on the other user. In addition, if I quit Safari, and open it up, sometimes I have internet access again.
  4. PowerBook G4 AirPort Dead

    I have no idea what happened but it works now. We forgot about it and just tried it out again.
  5. What Audio Interface Do You Use?

    M-AUDIO Fast Track Pro USB
  6. PowerBook G4 AirPort Dead

    I have no idea if it was working previously. I sold my PC and made a complete Mac switch months ago. I could tried and use Parallels though. Would that work?
  7. PowerBook G4 AirPort Dead

    We tried removing and re-inserting the card but it still does not recognize it. I also tried to remove any dust or particles before re-inserting it. The light on the USB adapter does not light up when I plug it in. Nothing really works.
  8. PowerBook G4 AirPort Dead

    I find it astonishing how people misinterpret simple words for emotions and then act like a child. But instead finding the easy way out of a solution, we decided to try and find a simple DIY solution. Since eBay and sarcasm are the best answers you are capable of, I'll wait until another mature and experienced poster responds. Thanks and have a great day! :censored2:
  9. PowerBook G4 AirPort Dead

    No one?
  10. Older MBP Trackpad Failure

    Not one person?
  11. The trackpad for my 2008 MBP, on the occasion, would stop responding or go haywire. If I move the cursor left it would either go in the opposite direction, shake viciously, or not respond. If I'm in Safari, it would do the same but would scroll the webpage at the same time, whether I have two figures on or one. This does not occur for specific programs but at random intervals. I have noticed that there is a high correlation between heat and unresponsive frequency. I was thinking of opening up my MBP and re-adjusting the ribbon cables but: Have no idea how to do this Don't think I have the proper tools Don't want to screw up my MBP if this is risky (I do have a decade of experience dealing with hardware and computers..but not with a Mac) Don't want to pre-void the AppleCare warranty I plan to buy Suggestions?
  12. My roommate has a PowerBook G4 that has been handed down from his older sister. He doesn't care for it too much and has dropped it a few times (this might be why). Now, he cannot connect to the wireless network because his AirPort Express cannot be detected. After looking in the System Profiler, no information is displayed about his AirPort card. Any suggestions? Personally, I believe he needs a new AP card. He doesn't want to spend the money. He does own a USB wireless adapter by Linksys. Could we use that? If so how could I configure it?