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Boot Problem with Mac OS x Leopard

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After the installation went without probelme, started the computer and after the partition selection with the integrated boot manager starts the new system forever and ever. I am not using multiple systems. Also, I can not say what it is because the system is rebooted long. help me

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I have ((sort-of)) the same problem.


Booting into Mac, it freezes up during the boot process.


If I just boot with the Mac splash screen, the loading circle freezes.


If done displaying diagnostic messages, it pauses at so far, two different points.


The one I am looking at now is after going through "Matching service count = x"

Blahda blahda blahda... Then it froze at


"Oct 6 05:36:04 ceros-macintosh ntpdate[68]: can't find host time.apple.com

Oct 6 05:36:04 ceros-macintosh ntpdate[68]: no servers cab be used, exiting

Oct 6 05:36:04 ceros-macintosh /usr/sbin/ocspd[75]: starting"


That is right where it freezes.

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Did you try the -x (safe mode) switch at Darwin? Also try -legacy (from what I remember it forces 32-bit). Always use the -v (verbose) switch to see where it hangs.


Hope this helps. It did the trick for me. At least then you can work from inside OSX.

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