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"Still Waiting for root device" - Evga 790i


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I really need some help at this point *sigh*. Ok Well my rig is as follows:


Evga 790i SLI Motherboard

Intel 2.8 Quad Core Processor with 4 GIG DDR3 Ram

Nvidia EVGA 280 (I have a 8800 as well.)

2 Sata DVD drives (one is SATA dont know the other.)

3 Hard Drives:

1 TB

400 GIG

200 GIG


I keep getting stuck at "Waiting for Root device." I tried boot132 with retail disks, I tried IDeneb (The New One, with patch.), Kalway 10.5.2 . Nothing I have no PATA to try with the rig sadly. I also tried only hooking up the HD and the DVD drive I want to use, Tried various settings in my Bios and tried the following boot flags: (cpus=1,-f,-v,nforce,maxmem=2048). I can get any disks to boot. Help is appreciated.

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