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  1. Some people are just never happy..
  2. Im having a problem with so far all of 10.5.6 ... 10.5.5 i dont have this problem, my problem is when moving windows they lag and produce outlines of themselves 100's of times.
  3. Yes I am using slashdot's ATA controller/Final release Of voodoo and Pc_efi v9 with the dsdt override. The computer boots all is good but there are obviously problems as it wouldent be an nforce board without them =P. Problems: Mounting DMG's crash machine USB's work when they want. (Tend to not then do) Window Lag. USB Devices sometimes kernel panic machine. Your advice fixed my resolution btw thanks... Also I have a backup of my extentions from 10.5.5 which were all good and working, So I can copy over w.e... I tried copying Seatbelt already still problems.
  4. 10.5.6 Released!

    Compiled Problems For myself so far: Windows Lag Kernel Panics Mounting dmgs USB's work when they want to.
  5. 10.5.6 Released!

    so NOBODY knows how to fix this window lag problem... Its like windows when its overloaded/freezes and you drag ure window around and it multiplys!
  6. So everyone knows the board did not want to boot with the NV*.kext files in place,I had to remove them In order for the machine to boot properly. Could be motherboard related/video card related but Hey it worked. I came across them when I saw NVHAL30 trying to load and I remember that things like this can hose it up (Mis-match video) Now that 10.5.6 my efforts have come to waste =(. The good news is the update went off without a hitch and boots up no-problem however, there is a BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD window lag, Almost like when windows freezes or your doing alot and you drag your window around and it makes the same window times 349859034850934905809345.... I'm not the only one with the problem and this board, So if anyone knows anything about this or what to try I will be more then glad to do it as there is a whole new problem aboard with this motherboard =P. Some information on this, some say its not related to EFI rather the SATA controller Driver, Any light shed is (once again and always) wonderfully accepted =).
  7. 10.5.6 Released!

    Any fix for nforce (or so it seems) Window lagging?
  8. 10.5.6 Released!

    any fix to window lag??
  9. good install boots and everything is good except windows lag
  10. 10.5.6 Released!

    Windows lag for me =/ Anyone get rid of this problem?
  11. I GOT IT I GOT IT I GOT IT.. I figured It out by playing with settings in safe boot, I will tell all how i did it hopefully can be added to the guide cause this board is a {censored}. Gonna try and do 10.5.6 Now also. Call me unpleased but I figure If i mess up I know how to fix now so no big deal, Will post my results shortly =). P.s- My Video card is unsupported atm, Is there any way to fix the resolution to smaller, Preferably my windows Resolution which is 1280x1080? Should I use EFI Strings?
  12. Close but no cigar, Computer still hangs, So far last entry before hangup is: "IOKITWAITQUIET() timed out waiting to write kernel symbols" "AppleNforceATA: Found 0 units" I tried both sets of commands and I don't know what is causing this deadful lockup when it boots in safemode! Thanks for all your help so far I can see the computer WANT to boot but something is holding it back. I do see an ingenious solution though because so fair its baby steps =).
  13. Hey Verdant, Youve seen me post in other threads and recommended I post here. Ok well this goes out to 790i users, I have Ideneb/Iatkos 10.5.5 installed fine, my problem is when I try to boot into normal mode I get a sandbox_init error and the machine will not move from there, however, if i boot with the -x flag i get into the computer fine. I heard that doing the security update fixes this problem so I did it, indeed the error goes away but the computer still dosent boot in normal mode. Well ATM I installed Ideneb and Im running latest nforce-test kext by medevil, voodoo kernel newest release. Anyone that can help me it is appreciated. P.s, 10.5.4 works fine in normal mode and everything work, but seeing that 10.5.5 is more stable as well as many bug fixes (As seen on my real mac) I really would like this update. I just dont understand the difference between the 2 for one to work wonderfully and one to boot only in safe mode.
  14. I still don't have a bootable VESA version of mac, I don't quite understand why it will not boot even with the previous posed ideneb settings.
  15. That error goes away after booting in "-x" and then doing security mode, still won't boot without -x even after security update. Im having same EXACT problem.