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Installation on MSI P35 Neo2-FR


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I recently installed iDeneb 1.3 (10.5.5) on a SATA harddsik attached to the built-in Marvell® 88SE6111 using my IDE DVD. But now I can only boot by rd=disk0s2 cpu=1. Only with this it is possible to boot to the desktop. (no sound, 1024*768, no acceleration by 8800GT, only LAN is working)


If I install it on the ICH9 SATA then id doesn't even boot. (still waiting for root device)


My BIOS isn't patched. I configured these things:

HPET enabled

AHCI enabled

ExecuteBit enabled


I checked all the drivers i need, but not one of them was installed.

So i tried to install them manually.


ALC888 with AppleHDAPatcher

8800GT with nvinstaller 9f23

It didn't work...


Chameleon gives this error, when I boot without DVD on the Marvel-SATA.

boot0: ...

boot1: error


I hope someone can help me with these problems. I searched for a guide, but I didn't find what I need.




greetings dawiinci

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